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Book Review Friday: Distant Echo’s

Raise your hand if you are one of those people who tend to read the same books over and over, watch the same movie and nothing else, or binge watch the same TV show 80 million times. I am raising my hand over here. I have a TBR list the size of Mount Olympus, but this year I have mostly read books I have read at least once before. Except, Distant Echo’s by Colleen Coble.  Adding to that great accomplishment it is a suspense novel, and I have never read suspense anything before. I mean it was a romance novel too, but it had the navy and local political tyrant group. Big improvement

Distant Echoes (Aloha Reef #1)

Distant Echoes by Colleen Coble

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

What do you get when you cross Hawaii, a dolphin, a girl, and a Naval Lieutenant? You get Distant Echoes. Kaia Oana is a dolphin Research Specialist at Seaworthy Labs, currently working on breaking the language barrier between dolphins and humans. She does this by teaching Nani, a wild dolphin she nursed back to health as a calf, clicks and sounds that associate with human words. One day while working on some of the sounds a missile test happening nearby goes wrong and the missile goes off course, torpedoing a tourist yacht, setting it ablaze. Kaia and Nani spring into action pulling the people out of the water and wreckage.
Jesse Matthews a Navy Lieutenant overseeing the missile test sees the missile go off course and immediately steers his boat towards the burning yacht. He is surprised to see that people are already being rescued by a girl and a dolphin when he gets there. This sparks his interest and will later change his life.
No one on the boat seemed to believe that the missile test malfunction was an accident. This prompts Jesse into launching an investigation to learn the truth. Was the system sabotaged? After seeing Kaia and Nani he coerced her, by going to her boss into helping with the investigation by patrolling the shores with a camera on Nani. Putting a serious risk on Kaia, Nani, and Jesse’s safety, and well as their hearts.
Distant Echoes was the first suspense book I have read. It was a bit different from the normal fiction and romance books I read. I found it intriguing. It kept me on the edge of my seat, but not too much that I would fall on the floor if I moved. I am riding both sides of the fence about that. Is it really suspense if it didn’t truly leave me wondering what is going to happen next, or give me anxiety about the lives of the characters I was reading about? On the other hand, for a first suspense novel was it a good thing that the anxiety level stayed moderately low?
Colleen Coble gave me something I love in a book. I love it when you are faced with 2 possible outcomes, and you don’t know which it could be in the end. For Distant Echoes, she did that using two antagonists. But which one is the one behind the missile test? By the end of the book, I had a pretty good idea of who was not really that bad guy just by making some inferences, but she keeps them subtle enough you still never know.
As a Christian Romance novel, it was subtle on the Christian part, but if we are being honest I feel it was a little too subtle. More than half the book went by before anything Christian based was even written, and you had to read quite a bit before the next. It was almost like they were just dropped into places to make it a Christian Romance. Perhaps it is better off described as suspenseful romance. From the standpoint of the whole book, this would be my one downside.
Overall, I think it is a lovely book. I think it is ideal for anyone wanting a breezy read they can finish quickly. I also think it is ideal for anyone who maybe wants to get away for a while. I recommend it for small groups because of the small group discussion questions, and for any teen girl or young adult.
I think I will read the second one.

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Here Comes The Bride…Finally

I have not posted in a little over a week. I’m so sorry, but I promise I am about to make it up to you. The reason I have not posted is because I was getting ready for my wedding. If you are thinking I thought you were already married. You are right. I got married August 9th, 2018. I did not have a wedding though, and I got married in my work uniform. It was also just me, my husband, and a preacher. We did things the way we did it because my in-laws were not approving of me at the time, and were not on board with us getting married. Devon and I decided that on that day we wanted who ever was there to be happy for us, and if they were not they didn’t need to be there. Fast Forward 1 Year I won’t tell you things are perfect, but they are getting there. The family is slowly coming around and have accepted the fact that Devon and I are together, and will be together. We decided it would be a fun thing to do to have an actual wedding ceremony with family and friends in attendance. On July 6th, we did just that.
The Whole Family…little blurry sorry
I pulled out all the stops. I got a gorgeous wedding dress for 68 dollars from Goodwill. I stayed at my best friend slash maid of honors house the nightr before, and didn’t see my husband till four oclock the next day. I even got my eyebrows waxed! Shannon and I woke upuo  her mom steamed my dress and did my hiar. Theb we headed off to the mexican resturant in town for lunch with my dad and mom. My dad surprised me by having my grandfather there. I did not even know he was coming, but Devon did. He kept the secret all day. Of course I almost cried in the mexican restarunt cause I was surprised, and had not seem my grandpa since my 18th birthday.
my BFF
We ate lunch and then headed to Wax and Wane for my eyebrow appointment. After the appointment we headed to my in-laws where we were holding the ceremony and reception. I got ready upstairs, and when the time came my father, who drove all the way from West Virginia walked me down the aisle, and put my hand in Devon’s. We said our own vows, and kissed in front of everyone this time After we walked back up the aisle we danced to Angel, by Casting Crowns. I danced with my  father to Ready Set Don’t Go by Billy Ray Cyrus. Devon and his mom danced to My Wish. by Rascal Flatts. We took pictures and I changed into a cooler dress because it is too hot in July in Savananh. We all sat down to eat a low country boil, and have brownies and fruit. After that we all hung out my dad, grandfather, and father in law played guitar, drums, and sang. When it was time to leave we noticed our car was vandalized by Jessica and Lexi with Honk we just got hitched 🙂 It is still on the windows a week later. It was the best day of my life.