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My First Year of Marriage

I have been married for 1 YEAR.  I cannot believe I am writing that sentence because it does not seem like that long. I can honestly say he is still my best friend and I am still madly in love with him. In case you were wondering what a year of marriage has been like for me, you don’t have to wonder anymore because I am about to tell you.

The first few months were a bit interesting. We had roommates when we first got married. It was my best friend Sarah and her boyfriend Logan. Those two have since gotten married, and had a baby named Luna, and she is the cutest thing to ever grace the planet.  I loved our roommates, but if I am being honest being a newly wed and all the great stuff is kind of hard when you have two other people living with you. They moved into their own place in October, so I can only guess they were feeling the same way.

In the beginning I feel like we were in so many arguments. They were all about little things. He left his socks on the floor. I had the bedroom lamp on because I was reading, but he was trying to sleep. Cat or dog? It was just little differences we were realizing about each other because we were living together now. People aren’t lying when they say the first year of marriage is the hardest. I think it is hard because you are learning how to blend your ways, your qualities, your quirks, and all the annoying things with someone else’s. You are having to learn to do life with someone else, and that is hard.

When a family of one becomes a family of two it is a big change, so you can imagine a family of three that was an even bigger change. Yep you guessed it, I am talking about Molly Carlyle Pollock. She is the American Bulldog we adopted on the 13th of October. In the blink of an eye our little family became bigger. We cannot picture life without her.

Another thing that changed is I can no longer sleep alone. Devon can’t either. We did our wedding ceremony almost a whole year after we got married just the two of us and a preacher. I we decided we were going all out, and so I spent the night before the ceremony at my best friend’s house. Devon told me the next morning that he had such a hard time sleeping he took Molly for a walk at 2 am. I don’t know how farfetched his story was, but I get it. I guess when you spend a whole year falling asleep and waking up beside someone when you are not there you notice the difference.

We went through a miscarriage in June. It was a very difficult time for us and for me. I am grateful to Devon because he stood by my side and held me while I cried, and He was just awesome. In that moment I couldn’t have asked for a better husband.

In a year I have learned how to live life with someone else. I have gotten a fur baby. The most amazing this is I have gotten to spend everyday with someone I love more than all the words in all the books in all the world and guess what I get to do the same thing tomorrow too.

Moving With the Pollock’s Part 2

If you have read Coffee Books and Banwaggons at any point this week you know about this two part series on our most recent move; I have appropriately titled Moving with the Pollock’s. Part one we call all say was sad, and morbid and depressing but you won’t hear any of that on this blog. This post is happy because it is about our new home.

Alright so story time.

When I left off I was telling you how we moved in with my father in law while we looked for a new place to live. We we found a place. It was a little more than we wanted to spend, but when you take in the fact that we have a huge yard and a 2 chicken coops plus a shed, and water and trash is taken care of it’s worth it.

One. thing I love is most of the house has hard wood. Having a dog makes having carpet a NIGHTMARE. I was spending money paying for carpet cleaning and now I don’t have too.

My favorite room in the house is the kitchen. I love to cook and one thing about kitchen a kitchen has to have is decent counter and cabinet space. This kitchen has all of that. The previous owners took the island out, but I got creative and doubled my desk as an island in the kitchen.The kitchen and living room also have an open floor plan.

The living room has a really decent set up for entertaining. Eventually, we will get a matching sofa set, but baby steps.

In the old house I had an office, and think my husband was a little upset that he did not have a space of his own. I had an office I did not even use. With that being said it was important for me to make sure Devon had a place that was all his. One of the three bedrooms has been turned into a man cave. Honestly, I am a little jealous because what he has done with that room is awesome. Also, I don’t have forty million socks all over the house. or cups, or baseball caps because they are in his man cave 🙂 See what I did there?

We are still working on getting things for the master bedroom and spare bedroom and we will keep you all updated as we decorate those.

At the end of all of this moving we can say we are happy, the house is great, and there is nothing to repair. Now we can focus on being married and our family.

Moving with Pollock’s Part 1

This year has been a whirlwind of changes for myself, Devon, and Molly. One of the biggest changes happened most recently. Devon and I decided to out of the house we were renting. It was the house we lived in when we first got married, and for a few months before. It was hard to say goodbye to, but at the end of the day we knew it was the right thing to do.

We came to this decision because of the issues the house had. It was very old and had not been kept up. Before I go any further I want to point out there were obvious issue he promised to fix before we moved in. One of them being the leaking hole in the ceiling…that is still there. Also the rodents, but we ended up paying money to handle that.

This was a rental property, which meant we had a landlord. In our rental agreement it states that any repairs that make the house uninhabitable falls on the landlord. This is where issues started. The previous tenant our ex landlord’s daughter planted a tree by the trailer and built a porch around it. It is a big oak tree. We noticed that the wall if you push it moves and you can see the outside. We told our ex landlord, who put his hand on the wall pushed it saw it moved and said “.oh you will be alright” We ended up putting plywood down, and new flooring to try to fix the issue of the cracks it caused. Our landlord kept saying we were responsible for repairs, and we kept fixing stuff. The pipe under the sink busted 3 times and we repaired it.

We dealt with it for a while until all the outlets for the house went out, and my husband the electrician rigged an extension chord from the shed to the window to run the window unit in the house. But, then the shed went out. The straw that broke the camels back was when pipes burst underneath the trailer. I was responsible for the water bill, so I was not very happy. I was told by my ex landlord I would have to call a plumber and pay for it. I had my father in law look over my lease and found out that all the repairs I was paying for was actually my landlord’s responsibility. We were basically being taken advantage of.

I talked it over with the family and we decided we needed to move. I gave my landlord a thirty day notice,. and we moved in temporarily with Devon’s dad.

Don’t fall for what we fell for. Know the laws and rights you have. Here are a few I wish I knew the 8 months I lived with a slum lord.

  • You have a right to livable conditions. This means working plumbing, heating, and electricity. If you do not have these things most states allow that as terms to be able to break a lease. I was signed into a six month lease and felt trapped, due to not knowing this.
  • It does not matter if it is in your lease if the law says something different what’s in the lease can not be enforced. For example, in the state of Georgia major repairs like plumbing and electric fall on the landlord. After looking over my lease it never said that I was responsible for major repairs, but even if it did it could not be enforced.

Thank you all of my readers for taking the time to read the back story on my rental experience from hell. I will be back this evening with Part 2 where I talk about our new place (with pictures)

Here Comes The Bride…Finally

I have not posted in a little over a week. I’m so sorry, but I promise I am about to make it up to you. The reason I have not posted is because I was getting ready for my wedding. If you are thinking I thought you were already married. You are right. I got married August 9th, 2018. I did not have a wedding though, and I got married in my work uniform. It was also just me, my husband, and a preacher. We did things the way we did it because my in-laws were not approving of me at the time, and were not on board with us getting married. Devon and I decided that on that day we wanted who ever was there to be happy for us, and if they were not they didn’t need to be there. Fast Forward 1 Year I won’t tell you things are perfect, but they are getting there. The family is slowly coming around and have accepted the fact that Devon and I are together, and will be together. We decided it would be a fun thing to do to have an actual wedding ceremony with family and friends in attendance. On July 6th, we did just that.
The Whole Family…little blurry sorry
I pulled out all the stops. I got a gorgeous wedding dress for 68 dollars from Goodwill. I stayed at my best friend slash maid of honors house the nightr before, and didn’t see my husband till four oclock the next day. I even got my eyebrows waxed! Shannon and I woke upuo  her mom steamed my dress and did my hiar. Theb we headed off to the mexican resturant in town for lunch with my dad and mom. My dad surprised me by having my grandfather there. I did not even know he was coming, but Devon did. He kept the secret all day. Of course I almost cried in the mexican restarunt cause I was surprised, and had not seem my grandpa since my 18th birthday.
my BFF
We ate lunch and then headed to Wax and Wane for my eyebrow appointment. After the appointment we headed to my in-laws where we were holding the ceremony and reception. I got ready upstairs, and when the time came my father, who drove all the way from West Virginia walked me down the aisle, and put my hand in Devon’s. We said our own vows, and kissed in front of everyone this time After we walked back up the aisle we danced to Angel, by Casting Crowns. I danced with my  father to Ready Set Don’t Go by Billy Ray Cyrus. Devon and his mom danced to My Wish. by Rascal Flatts. We took pictures and I changed into a cooler dress because it is too hot in July in Savananh. We all sat down to eat a low country boil, and have brownies and fruit. After that we all hung out my dad, grandfather, and father in law played guitar, drums, and sang. When it was time to leave we noticed our car was vandalized by Jessica and Lexi with Honk we just got hitched 🙂 It is still on the windows a week later. It was the best day of my life.

Becoming a Morning Person

We write this to make our joy complete

1 John 1:4

Hit like if you have at least 3 alarms. Now hit like and share if you have at least 3 alarms and you snooze all of them. My name is Brittney and I am that person. Now hit like if on a normal day you sleep till noon. Some days that is also me.

Here is the problem. On my 12 noon days I feel sluggish all day. I skip 2.5 meals, and workouts. My to do list doubles because I push whatever I did not do to the next day. On top of all that being an” Afternoon person “ does not fit my wife lifestyle I live now. I have decided to make a change.

I have been doing some research, on how to evolve myself into the morning person I so desperately want to be. Some of the things I have found are pretty common throughout all of the pages and posts.


  • Go to bed earlier. This seems pretty standard. It makes sense and will probably be my first move.
  • Open the blinds and make my bed. My husband will not do this, so I guess I am on my own for this one.
  • Do at least 15 minutes of yoga in the mornings. I am downward dog for this one.
  • Drink water before doing anything else.

With the common factors in mind that is probably what I am going to try first. I have downloaded a free yoga app on my phone. I have set an alarm for 5:00 in the morning Now I guess wish me luck. . I will post tomorrow evening and fill you in whether I was successful. Also, if you have any tips of your own I am all ears.