It is a common thing…

It is a common thing when Devon, Devon’s parents, and I all ride in the car for there to be some form of conversation. Usually, it is about current things in our lives, how the church was, or what we have to do the next day. Last night was no different, and this time the topic was my blog. 

I was stressing because I have brought upon my self the burden of writing 15 posts about It related topics before Halloween. I am not enjoying the book, and the movie literally put me to sleep. I was telling Jon I don’t understand all the hype and John says, and I quote

What I don’t get is this clown thing is in sewer why don’t they just kick him in the face?
This brought about the inspiration for my next post about all the obvious ways we could have dealt with It.

It’s Finally Here ( no pun intended)

Every story has facts. It doesn’t matter if it’s make-believe or if it really happened. Facts don’t necessarily mean it was not made up. It can also mean what we know to be true about the story. Every story has its own truths.

Stephen King’s book It is no different. Here is what we know.

  • There is a clown that lives in the sewers of Derry, Maine.
  • This clown/ evil celestial being has killed people, including George
  • One day 6 kids made a blood oath promising that if the killings ever start again they would all come back, find It, and kill It.

That is what is happening as Part One comes to a close. Except now there are 5 because one person I guess out of fear found suicide to be a better option. I place no judgments on his decision because fear can cause people to do things they wouldn’t normally do. I do wish he would have faced it instead.

These 5 kids now adults are returning home for the first time. What I find interesting is that not a single one of the 6 people had even thought about Derry in 20 years. It is almost like they had been put under some spell that made them forget. Out of the blue, they receive a phone call from one of the 6  who made the oath saying that the killings had happened again and they promised to come. Just like that, as if the phone call was a trigger they all began to remember their hometown. They even remembered the childhood memories they had forgotten too. The five of them without hesitation left right away into the night heading back to Derry, Maine. They were heading back to It.

Why do you think they have all forgotten? Do you have any theories? I wonder if It heard them make that oath and did something sinister. Stranger things have happened.

I am not done with the book yet. I hope to be done by Halloween. This is where I am at so far, so keep an eye out for more.


15 posts of Halloween Update

It’s finally here! No pun intended. I promised you all 15 posts and that is what you will get. No, I am not done with the book. I literally just finished part one. I have a job that occupies most of my time, and a fiance who needs me too. I try to make sure you guys get the content I really do. In the hopes that you can put aside all of your frustrations about my lack of posts, taking forever to read the book, and making this paragraph to long I would love to give what I promised.

Redeeming Love

I was over at my significant others mother’s house about a week ago. Devon and I were sitting in their book nook that has no books in it. (I know it’s really sad.) Instead, it contains a play station and a port for phone chargers. Devon was playing the play station like most people who have even the slightest sense of hand-eye coordination tend to do. I am not one of those people with any form of coordination so I was bored. His mom must have noticed and brought me a book.

Turns out I had read it when I was 16. It’s been 20+ years since it was published, and I thought why not blog about it. I wanted to remind people what a great story it was and what a great writer Francine Rivers is.

Redeeming Love is a contemporary Christian romance novel following the same plot as the book of Hosea in the Bible. I am almost certain that’s where her inspiration came from.

In the book, we meet Angel a harlot living in a brothel run by a selfish conniving woman called The Duchess. It’s 1850, California is Gold Country, and men from all over America are loading their wagons hoping to find instant fortune at their destination.

As we all know not everything that glitters is gold. The streams supposedly filled with gold were dry. What little gold dust the men collected they would pray was enough to let them even get a glimpse of Angel.

Micheal Hosea got his glimpse, but not in line to squander what little gold had. He saw her in the street taking her weekly walk. Right then he heard God say “She’s the one. She’s the one you will marry.”

Micheal got in the line just like the others. He had enough to make it to her quarters. He had no interest in her body. He talked to her. He never touched her. He continued this for many nights. Still, she wouldn’t leave with him.

Months passed, Micheal went back to his farm, and Angel continued working for The Duchess. One day she angered the Duchess. Out of punishment, Duchess sent Mogawan the bodyguard to teach Angel a lesson. He beat her within an inch of her life. Then just like in most great love stories, Micheal was back at just the right moment. He rode in like the knight in shining armor he was and rescued her. Of course, he married her. Angel was just conscious enough to say why not.

That is all the sneak peek you get. This was all just in the first couple chapters. The story only gets better from there. Go read the book for the rest of the story.


I would never recommend a book I wouldn’t read myself, so why did I like so much.

I began to understand the book of Hosea better. Sometimes the Old Testament books completely confuse me. It’s fancy and has all the laws and names I can’t pronounce without trying to remember phonics I learned in Kindergarten As I read Redeeming Love I could picture the storyline, and as I read the book of Hosea I began to be able to picture its storyline.

I could literally feel the love Micheal had for Angel come off the pages. It got me all in my feeling. More than once I texted Devon and was all This book makes me think of you. And I hope we always have a love as deep as this one. And baby I love you so much. When a book makes you feel stuff in your real life it’s a good book.

I learned about the gold rush period. I learned more about it than I did in high school. Pretty sad huh.


Now every book has its flaws. This one thankfully only had one.

Paul the brother in law of Micheal. He was mean. He was unforgiving. He did some things in this book that would make you feel complete horror. I won’t tell you what they were and spoil a major part of the story. Plus this way you can form your own opinions. He eventually saw the error of his ways, but not soon enough to make me not dislike him.


If you want to feel something deeply, live the life of the gold rush, or even read some sappy love story Redeeming Love is the book for you.


– Little Read Reviewer

My Travel Read

With hurricane Irma heading toward my hometown we have headed to Kentucky. If you are anything like me it’s not a road trip with out books. So,the big question here is what is in my books suitcase?

The Glass Castle

I spend a lot of time on goodreads trying to find wonderful books to read. This constantly adds more books to my want to read pile. It comes with the territory. I saw this book on the recommendation list. Of course, I had to read it, so I had my boyfriend buy it for me.

It’s a memoir about Jeanette Wall’s childhood I am about 94 pages in and all I can tell you is it is such an epic and inspiring story.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone

I am almost certain everyone has read every single book about our beloved wizard. I think Harry is just as popular today as he was when it was first published so why not read it, so I can write a post, a tweet, a Facebook post, and take a ton of Instagram pictures on this series. Then spark a series of discussions with you guys about your theory’s and everything else potter related you would want to talk about. I have all the time in the world it’s an 11 hour trip.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Am I the only one who could finish this book in 2 hours? This was an 11 hour trip there and back, and I could not read one and not start on the second one right away. My self would not let myself do that. I brought the 2nd one. I see no crime in that because there is never enough of Harry Potter.

Packing in a hurry does not give me as much time to pack as much as I would like because that would mean like 40 books I got out with 3, but I think they are great choices.

I just wanted to point out that the proper way to pronounce the blog is Read (as in I read a book) Riding Hood Reviews, in case there was any confusion.

I thought about this a 6:28 this morning. Am I insane for being that awake that early?

up early

Grab your coffee. Get your books. Hop on the Banwaggon