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Her by Pierre Alex Jeanty

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This year I went through a divorce. I felt a little lost afterward. I felt like maybe there was something wrong with me. That had to be why my husband cheated on me and was constantly abusive. There was a pretty dark period. I knew I needed to find some light, and for me, that always came from books. All of life’s greatest lessons can be learned from books.

I had seen posts on Facebook where people were sharing these quotes, and those quotes turned out to be from a book of poetry written by a man named Pierre Alex Jeanty. It was this book that shone a light in my darkness.

All the poems are short, just a couple of lines long, but that pack a lot of meaning. They are all about loving yourself, believing that there is someone out there that will love you, and not letting anyone treat you less than you deserve.

A few of my favorites.

Them losing interest doesn’t make you less interesting

You can learn so much about her by exploring her scars and asking about her fears

Guard your heart, but do not make it a forbidden place for everyone. There will be people who are worthy of entry

She didn’t need a hero. She didn’t need to be rescued. She needed something different from the bad she had known. She wanted a man who’s mouth wasn’t full of half-truths and heart crippled by the fear of commitment.

Your smile will be like the sun cracking through the clouds to the man of your dreams.

Take my advice, and get this book if you’re going through darkness, a breakup, trying to love yourself, you just like quotes, or just need a quick easy read. You won’t regret it.

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Harry Potter Questions with Kaleb

If you have learned anything about me in the past 2 years, it’s probably that I love Harry Potter. I could go on and on about, but that gets boring so I thought I would switch things up a bit. I asked my fellow potterhead Kaleb some questions and boy did he deliver! Here’s what he had to say when I asked him 10 questions, I think we would all want to know!

Brittney: What is your favorite book in the series?                                                                            

Kaleb: The Order of the Phoenix   harry-potter-order-phoenix-j-k-rowling                                                                                                              

B: What is your least favorite book?

K: The Goblet of Fire

B: What do you like about the series as a whole?

K: The unbreakable bond of friendship and love. The loyalty that each character has for each other, and the inability to foresee what happened next.

Aww! He pulls at our heartstrings yall!

B: What do you dislike about the series as a whole?

K: The seemingly abrupt ending as though there is nothing left to see of our main characters.

We all feel the way you feel.

B: How do you think the series would have been any different if Harry had of got to Drumstrang instead of Hogwarts?

K: The entire dynamic would have changed. Harry would’ve no doubt made friends, however they would not have been Ron and Hermione, and as such would have missed out on key characteristics that each character offered.

B: Do you think Hermione should have ended up with Harry, or do you think Ron was the right choice?

K: I believe Ron was the proper choice for Hermione.

B: Besides Voldemort, who do you think is the eviliest?

K: Bellatrix Lestrange

Bellatrix know she a bitch for killing Dobby!!!

B: What character do you identify with the most?

K: Ron Weasley         ron7 

B: If you could change anything about the books what would it be?

K: I would like to have seen more of Neville’s journey

Me too!!!!

B: What house are you in?

K: Gryffindor gryffindor_crest_by_tuliipiie_d491bqc-pre

Ravenclaw Rules!!!!

So, there you have it the inner most Potter thoughts of Kaleb. Do you agree with him? What would your answers be to these questions?



A tale of DOmestic VIolence. Updated!!!!


It has been almost five months since I left. I have gone through a birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas, and almost a brand new year without Devon. I am proud to say I have survived, and to continue to survive. I have a decent job, the light is back in my eyes. I am learning to love myself. For the first time in a long time I am enjoying my life.

A divorce is happening. I have to pay for it, but I think the cost is worth it. I have learned so much in this short time and one of those things is to not settle for less than everything good, to do what makes me happiest, and lastly and to put it bluntly, to hell with any opinion that is the opposite of the best for me. You don’t have to settle. You don’t have to put up with any form of abuse, and you don’t have to stay silent.

It’s a one day and step at a time kinda thing,but I am taking them, and so can anyone else going through this.

Hey Ya’ll, today I am baring my soul. I am telling the truth to all of you about some things I have kept hidden. I feel ashamed of it because from the beginning I have promised I would be an open book. I have not completely upheld that promise. Partly because Devon had asked me not to write about it, and I think partly because if I did not write about it, and admit it I could keep pretending it was not happening. It was happening, so the truth must come out.

One of the last blog articles I posted was about my year anniversary. I talked Devon up, and I stuck to the good stuff because that’s what a good wife does. We do not publicly fault our husbands. The truth is, this year while it was a good year it was also a terrifying year. Devon has on several occasions been physically abusive.

In December, after catching him cheating with another girl for probably the ninth time I tried to pack my bags, and go to my friend Sarah’s. Devon was not having that. So, for about 2 hours I was held hostage in our house. He had taken my phone, so I could not call anyone. I would try to go into another room, and he would follow me, If I tied to go out the front door he would block it, and the back door. If I tried to squeeze past him he would throw me onto the floor, or the wall. At one point as things escalated he had me against the wall with his hands around my throat; as I tried to breathe he freaked out and let go. I ran to the living room when he tackled me. As I screamed, he covered my mouth so no one would hear me. I remember in that moment thinking that I was going to die. Later he had had his fun I guess, and he let me call Sarah. The cops were called. He gave a false statement to the police, which he later told the truth about to the court ordered therapist. But because of that false statement, and because I scratched him to get him off of me I was the only one arrested that night, Thanks to him admitting the truth in the therapy session, and the therapist contacting the DA with the real story my charges were dropped, and the whole case dismissed,

There were more instances where he was violent, but December was the worst. The most recent one was in August when he was caught cheating again. He locked me in our walk in closet, twisted my leg backwards and threatened to break it. I have cerebral palsy, so it would not have been that hard. He also bit me. When I asked him why he had to result to abuse he screamed at me, “I am abusive, and I will be more abusive. ” I ended up spending the night at my friends house. I did not feel safe there. Even Molly growled at him when he called her name that night.

About two weeks ago Devon asked for a divorce. I did not fight it. I didn’t beg to work it out this time. I did not stay like I had so many other times. I packed my stuff that day, and moved to Sarah’s I don’t know what is going to happen to our marriage, I meant what I said when I told Devon till death do us part, and for better or worse.

Book Review Friday: Distant Echo’s

Raise your hand if you are one of those people who tend to read the same books over and over, watch the same movie and nothing else, or binge watch the same TV show 80 million times. I am raising my hand over here. I have a TBR list the size of Mount Olympus, but this year I have mostly read books I have read at least once before. Except, Distant Echo’s by Colleen Coble.  Adding to that great accomplishment it is a suspense novel, and I have never read suspense anything before. I mean it was a romance novel too, but it had the navy and local political tyrant group. Big improvement

Distant Echoes (Aloha Reef #1)

Distant Echoes by Colleen Coble

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

What do you get when you cross Hawaii, a dolphin, a girl, and a Naval Lieutenant? You get Distant Echoes. Kaia Oana is a dolphin Research Specialist at Seaworthy Labs, currently working on breaking the language barrier between dolphins and humans. She does this by teaching Nani, a wild dolphin she nursed back to health as a calf, clicks and sounds that associate with human words. One day while working on some of the sounds a missile test happening nearby goes wrong and the missile goes off course, torpedoing a tourist yacht, setting it ablaze. Kaia and Nani spring into action pulling the people out of the water and wreckage.
Jesse Matthews a Navy Lieutenant overseeing the missile test sees the missile go off course and immediately steers his boat towards the burning yacht. He is surprised to see that people are already being rescued by a girl and a dolphin when he gets there. This sparks his interest and will later change his life.
No one on the boat seemed to believe that the missile test malfunction was an accident. This prompts Jesse into launching an investigation to learn the truth. Was the system sabotaged? After seeing Kaia and Nani he coerced her, by going to her boss into helping with the investigation by patrolling the shores with a camera on Nani. Putting a serious risk on Kaia, Nani, and Jesse’s safety, and well as their hearts.
Distant Echoes was the first suspense book I have read. It was a bit different from the normal fiction and romance books I read. I found it intriguing. It kept me on the edge of my seat, but not too much that I would fall on the floor if I moved. I am riding both sides of the fence about that. Is it really suspense if it didn’t truly leave me wondering what is going to happen next, or give me anxiety about the lives of the characters I was reading about? On the other hand, for a first suspense novel was it a good thing that the anxiety level stayed moderately low?
Colleen Coble gave me something I love in a book. I love it when you are faced with 2 possible outcomes, and you don’t know which it could be in the end. For Distant Echoes, she did that using two antagonists. But which one is the one behind the missile test? By the end of the book, I had a pretty good idea of who was not really that bad guy just by making some inferences, but she keeps them subtle enough you still never know.
As a Christian Romance novel, it was subtle on the Christian part, but if we are being honest I feel it was a little too subtle. More than half the book went by before anything Christian based was even written, and you had to read quite a bit before the next. It was almost like they were just dropped into places to make it a Christian Romance. Perhaps it is better off described as suspenseful romance. From the standpoint of the whole book, this would be my one downside.
Overall, I think it is a lovely book. I think it is ideal for anyone wanting a breezy read they can finish quickly. I also think it is ideal for anyone who maybe wants to get away for a while. I recommend it for small groups because of the small group discussion questions, and for any teen girl or young adult.
I think I will read the second one.

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My First Year of Marriage

I have been married for 1 YEAR.  I cannot believe I am writing that sentence because it does not seem like that long. I can honestly say he is still my best friend and I am still madly in love with him. In case you were wondering what a year of marriage has been like for me, you don’t have to wonder anymore because I am about to tell you.

The first few months were a bit interesting. We had roommates when we first got married. It was my best friend Sarah and her boyfriend Logan. Those two have since gotten married, and had a baby named Luna, and she is the cutest thing to ever grace the planet.  I loved our roommates, but if I am being honest being a newly wed and all the great stuff is kind of hard when you have two other people living with you. They moved into their own place in October, so I can only guess they were feeling the same way.

In the beginning I feel like we were in so many arguments. They were all about little things. He left his socks on the floor. I had the bedroom lamp on because I was reading, but he was trying to sleep. Cat or dog? It was just little differences we were realizing about each other because we were living together now. People aren’t lying when they say the first year of marriage is the hardest. I think it is hard because you are learning how to blend your ways, your qualities, your quirks, and all the annoying things with someone else’s. You are having to learn to do life with someone else, and that is hard.

When a family of one becomes a family of two it is a big change, so you can imagine a family of three that was an even bigger change. Yep you guessed it, I am talking about Molly Carlyle Pollock. She is the American Bulldog we adopted on the 13th of October. In the blink of an eye our little family became bigger. We cannot picture life without her.

Another thing that changed is I can no longer sleep alone. Devon can’t either. We did our wedding ceremony almost a whole year after we got married just the two of us and a preacher. I we decided we were going all out, and so I spent the night before the ceremony at my best friend’s house. Devon told me the next morning that he had such a hard time sleeping he took Molly for a walk at 2 am. I don’t know how farfetched his story was, but I get it. I guess when you spend a whole year falling asleep and waking up beside someone when you are not there you notice the difference.

We went through a miscarriage in June. It was a very difficult time for us and for me. I am grateful to Devon because he stood by my side and held me while I cried, and He was just awesome. In that moment I couldn’t have asked for a better husband.

In a year I have learned how to live life with someone else. I have gotten a fur baby. The most amazing this is I have gotten to spend everyday with someone I love more than all the words in all the books in all the world and guess what I get to do the same thing tomorrow too.

Life update.

On my Instagram page on Sunday I shared a post of the book I was reading and sweet Molly Pollock, and talked about how the blog post for the review should be up if everything goes as planned. Well, the plans went South. Devon got home from work and informed me that he got a speeding ticket. That is going to cause him to lose his license for at least a year. He is the only driver in the house because driving scares me, but I am going to get my license now because I have no choice.

Anyhoo the book Woman of Splendor is all about being a Godly woman, being supportive of your husband even when he goes 77 in a 45 , or any of his faults and handling those issues in a Godly womanly way.

I did not handle them so well. I was mad. Partly because everyone who loves my husband has talked to him about how he drives and he gets mad at us for bringing up our fears and our fears came true. But also because I now have to get my license, and I was happy in the backseat of the Uber with my pudding cup and water bottle.

I am being open and honest because I promised that my blog would be a place where I did not sugar coat, I was open and honest about my life, and I would not just write the pretty stuff. I slept on the couch that night, and it was not pretty. I did not want to log in and write some content on being that kind of wife, and giving the life changing advice I got from it, and I was not living out that advice myself.

‘I want to point out that I love my husband. I am not mad anymore. We are working out this situation day by day, and are hoping to come to a solution. I also did not write this to bash my husband. My purpose was to let my readers know why I did deliver the content.

With that being said, As of this moment I am postponing the posting of Woman of Spendor a Review. Until I feel like my heart is in the right place.

I am starting a new book today. Distant Echo’s by Colleen Coble. You can see pics of my journey to where ever it takes me on my Instagram.

Moving With the Pollock’s Part 2

If you have read Coffee Books and Banwaggons at any point this week you know about this two part series on our most recent move; I have appropriately titled Moving with the Pollock’s. Part one we call all say was sad, and morbid and depressing but you won’t hear any of that on this blog. This post is happy because it is about our new home.

Alright so story time.

When I left off I was telling you how we moved in with my father in law while we looked for a new place to live. We we found a place. It was a little more than we wanted to spend, but when you take in the fact that we have a huge yard and a 2 chicken coops plus a shed, and water and trash is taken care of it’s worth it.

One. thing I love is most of the house has hard wood. Having a dog makes having carpet a NIGHTMARE. I was spending money paying for carpet cleaning and now I don’t have too.

My favorite room in the house is the kitchen. I love to cook and one thing about kitchen a kitchen has to have is decent counter and cabinet space. This kitchen has all of that. The previous owners took the island out, but I got creative and doubled my desk as an island in the kitchen.The kitchen and living room also have an open floor plan.

The living room has a really decent set up for entertaining. Eventually, we will get a matching sofa set, but baby steps.

In the old house I had an office, and think my husband was a little upset that he did not have a space of his own. I had an office I did not even use. With that being said it was important for me to make sure Devon had a place that was all his. One of the three bedrooms has been turned into a man cave. Honestly, I am a little jealous because what he has done with that room is awesome. Also, I don’t have forty million socks all over the house. or cups, or baseball caps because they are in his man cave 🙂 See what I did there?

We are still working on getting things for the master bedroom and spare bedroom and we will keep you all updated as we decorate those.

At the end of all of this moving we can say we are happy, the house is great, and there is nothing to repair. Now we can focus on being married and our family.

Grab your coffee. Get your books. Hop on the Banwaggon