3 Days with Down Dog

As I have gotten older one thing I have noticed is I am getting stiff. I know some of you are probably thinking, okay sure; or it happens to the best of us.It is just a part of life. Well, I am going to just put it out there. I say NO!!! Not today Satan.

See here’s the thing, I was told when I was ten; around the time I started deciding to ask my own questions to the doctor that there is no cure for cerebral palsy, and not just that horrible news, but also that it will get progressively worse. I am starting to see that happen. AND I’M ONLY 24.

I am not one to wallow. I did something. I took my smartphone and instead of going on Instagram. I downloaded an app for yoga. It is called Down Dog Yoga for Beginners. It 3 days long. Each session is a little longer than the first. You can choose different types of workout depending on the results you want to achieve. I chose flexibility I did the flexibility plan for 3 days

Day 1

I admit it on day one I was thinking to my self, OOOh this is easy. I can do this every day. This aint nothing. It was true, day one was super easy. I could not touch my toes, but it was just day one. It would come. I did not have any issues accomplishing the poses. It really was not painful either. It lasted 10 minutes, and I was not tired or sore afterwards. I actually felt like I had some energy that I have no idea where it came from too.

Now what I did have issues with, and what I recommend before starting any yoga exercises or yoga class, Get a yoga mat. I thought I would be okay to do my first day on a folded up sheet. Bad idea #epicfail. I slipped and slid the whole time. This is also why I skipped a day between day 1 and day 2. I went and bought a yoga mat . They don’t have to be expensive. The one I bought was 5 bucks from the Five Below in Pooler. Also, it was super cute and a decent length, which comes in handy for my next point.

The next issue I encountered, and I don’t really wanna call it an issue because it involves Molly, my fur baby (if you can think of a different word for me put it in the comments).is unless your fur babies have an interest in yoga find something to entertain them. Molly, whom I love like my child tripped me up this first day, so many times. She also proceeded to lay down on the sheet where I was trying to do yoga. I don’t know what she was trying to do, but it was not downward dog.It did make for some cute pics though

Day 2

I felt it. I was sore I felt the muscles pull. I was sweating by the time it was over. I guess that meant it was working. Day 2 was 12 minutes long. It involved new poses. They utilized the mat more. I was doing poses laying down standing and sitting. On the first day it was just sitting. The yoga mat was a Godsend. It is long enough I have plenty of room to do yoga and Molly can lay on it too. Day 2 really just built on day one.

Day 3

Longest 18 minutes of my life. I hated day 3. My husband had to spot me because I was not able to keep my balance during a pose. It deter me, and I finished the whole workout, but I laid there for a good half hour afterwards. They combined everything I learned on day one and two. After it was all over I was able to see how it helped. I had more energy during the day and I even noticed some increased flexibility.

The for beginners app only has 3 days of workouts. I recommend it for people who are new to yoga. The parent app just down dog app has more than one day and a paid options as well as free ones. I have continued my yoga journey using the down dog full app.

Are you a fan of yoga? Are you considering trying yoga? What do you think I should write about next, or try next? Let me know in the comments.

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