The First Morning

The way the grass was this morning.

there was a slight change of plans. I went home when I got off work last night and was telling my husband about my knew plan for self improvement, and he had to be a buzz kill. He pointed out that I was lucky enough to be off tomorrow. If I got up at 5 I would just be in everyone’s way :(.

I got up at 8. I had cake for breakfast. I did skip the glass of water since I won’t drink out of the tap because it is city water, The bed got made and I started a load of laundry. So I got off to a good start.

As far as how I feel; I can say I don’t feel sluggish or tired. I actually feel like doing stuff.I am not tired and I think I might actually finish my to-do list

Sadly I can’t say the same for Molly Pollock. She seems to be having major doggy anxiety over the multiple storms we keep having here on the Savannah Coast.

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