Back on the Bandwagon

Hey yall,
Man it has been a while. If you have been wondering, Hey where did Brittney disappear to? Prepare yourself because I am about to shock you. As most of you who have followed Coffee,  Books and Bandwagons from the beginning know, I started back at college this year. I was not prepared for all the time it would take up in my day. I began to fall behind on reading, and was not able to provide any reviews, and without the reviews where would my blog be. I decided to take a brief hiatus while I figured out how to fit school into my daily life on top of working and blogging.

My hiatus turned out to be a lot longer than I thought. After moving back to Georgia from West Virginia I moved into a place kind of on my own. I had some roommates. That is not even the big news. Devon and I got MARRIED. My life became completely different. Now I was a wife, and have all those duties to fulfill as well.

But, The good news is I am back, and you can thank my husband for that. He noticed that blogging helped me not stress out so much, and recommended I start doing it again. But now that I am back with my completely changed life, I want you all to know I expect my blog to change as well. I want you to know me as more than just that girl that reviews books for you. I want you to know me as Brittney Pollock trying to ride on this bandwagon we call life. So, don’t be surprised if you see a how to organize you closet or chicken enchilada recipe on here every now and then. This is Coffee Books and Bandwagons after all

Brittney Pollock

Here’s a cute photo of me and hubby a while back

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