Switched Book Review

Switched (Trylle Trilogy, #1)Switched by Amanda Hocking
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wendy Everly grew up feeling out of place for as long as she could remember. With dark eyes, unruly hair, and a knack for getting in to trouble it was apparent something was wrong with her. On her 6th birthday her mother tried to kill her. She swore her daughter was a monster. After that she was raised by her aunt and older brother Matt.

After she was expelled from yet another school they move again. This time she meets Finn; a student who lets her know who, and what she is. A troll changeling from Trylle, and the princess. Now that she knows who she is her life has change, and it has only just begun.

The first installment in the Trylle Trilogy Switched is an epic story of fate, love, and knowing where it is you belong. As Amanda Hocking introduced me to Wendy I could not help but relate to her. Growing up in foster homes, never fitting in, and constantly moving around, I felt like I knew her, like I could be her. Instantly, I knew I wanted to be in her world. Later as Wendy is pulled into the world of the Trylle I see her bravery and how she fought or those she loved. I love a headstrong character. Wendy is the reason I love this series.

The story line was thought out. Amanda Hocking created the world with complexity. Hocking combined the real world with the world of fantasy. Making her characters relatable, but not so much that they couldn’t still be trolls.

This book had something for everyone.

I give this book 5 stars. It was a perfect, quick, easy read I would recommend to everyone.

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