Sleeping Beauties

Sleeping BeautiesSleeping Beauties by Stephen King
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I think it is time to say it, declare, or even admit it; I am not a fan of Stephen King. I wanted to be. I really wanted to like this book, especially since I couldn’t break the first 100 pages of It. It just was not meant to be. While I did finish this one (by force reading) I could not bring myself to really love it, or even like it.
As with all my reviews I try to not be completely negative about book because they aren’t all black and white so here’s some positivity for you.
The idea was brittl. Women falling asleep across the world, and you name this sleeping sickness Aurora. Then, they end up in cocoons and are different when the wake up. It was wonderful. Most times this storyline would end with a heart carved in a tree with Brittney and Sleeping Beauties 4eva written inside. Not this time.
Here’s why.
Honestly, it was just too long. By the time I got to the point of the sickness I just wanted to throw the book. I am a firm believer in something being too detailed. All that extra writing took away from the Aurora thing. Which is what I liked. Don’t get me wrong I understand this whole scenario was happening because it was time for the dreaded end of the world, and with all the women gone the men would eventually kill each other or die off, but still I liked the sleeping beauty aspect.
Another thing I liked was it was kind of an allegory. It was a story about one thing, but each thing had meaning like Evie, the tree, and Dr. Norcross. and the main story had deeper meaning. Kudos for that.
The way Stephen King portrayed women in this book made me mad. He wrote something that I hope he honestly doesn’t really believe himself. The men in this book were talking about how women should be content to cook, clean, and make babies. I resent that. At least in the book the men realized they needed their wives, and the women who went to the other place learned that they could be more than just a housewife. So, thank you Mr. King for at least doing that.
I mean it when I say I wanted to like this book. Maybe if someone else had written a concept like this it might have worked out differently, but to each their own.

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