Beautiful Creatures


Nothing ever happens in Gatlin. I know that’s what you are thinking, and Ethan Wate thought it too,and just like we are he was wrong. On one fateful day he got up and went to school, and found out just how wrong he was, and that changed his life.

Yep! That’s all you’re getting out of me because if I tell you about the witch excuse me, I mean caster girl he falls in love with, or how messed up it all is because her fate is totally out of her hands, and they technically shouldn’t be together you wouldn’t have any reason to read the book. I haven’t even gotten into all the family dynamics yet so go read the book. I’m not a spoiler.

But, before you go here is what you really need to know. Beautiful Creatures is a story of love, forbidden and powerful. Love strong enough to conquer anything. A story of good and evil, light and dark, and realization that fate is never really out of our hands.

Yes you can stop reading this and go read the book now.

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