It’s Finally Here ( no pun intended)

Every story has facts. It doesn’t matter if it’s make-believe or if it really happened. Facts don’t necessarily mean it was not made up. It can also mean what we know to be true about the story. Every story has its own truths.

Stephen King’s book It is no different. Here is what we know.

  • There is a clown that lives in the sewers of Derry, Maine.
  • This clown/ evil celestial being has killed people, including George
  • One day 6 kids made a blood oath promising that if the killings ever start again they would all come back, find It, and kill It.

That is what is happening as Part One comes to a close. Except now there are 5 because one person I guess out of fear found suicide to be a better option. I place no judgments on his decision because fear can cause people to do things they wouldn’t normally do. I do wish he would have faced it instead.

These 5 kids now adults are returning home for the first time. What I find interesting is that not a single one of the 6 people had even thought about Derry in 20 years. It is almost like they had been put under some spell that made them forget. Out of the blue, they receive a phone call from one of the 6  who made the oath saying that the killings had happened again and they promised to come. Just like that, as if the phone call was a trigger they all began to remember their hometown. They even remembered the childhood memories they had forgotten too. The five of them without hesitation left right away into the night heading back to Derry, Maine. They were heading back to It.

Why do you think they have all forgotten? Do you have any theories? I wonder if It heard them make that oath and did something sinister. Stranger things have happened.

I am not done with the book yet. I hope to be done by Halloween. This is where I am at so far, so keep an eye out for more.


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