Lord Of Shadows

*********warning review contains spoilers***********

My heart leapt with joy as I preordered this book. I was sat there and pressed submit order, with a smile on my face I waited for it to find its way into mailbox. On Friday it arrived, and I began to read.
I felt a bit sad because I really wanted Julian and Emma together and not Emma and Mark. I think Mark needs to be with Christina. What can I say I live vicariously. I understand why they had to end things, and why Emma has to pretend to be with Mark, but I still miss what could have been.
Even with that disappointment, I think Lord of Shadows deserves the highest praise. I feel like Cassie really let us know who the characters are. We got to know some off the characters that are kinda background props. You know, Livvy, Ty, and Dru. Putting Deigo and Jamie in there as covert spy types was awesome. I appreciate that doing so let me have a little more insight on what went down when they shattered Christina’s heart into a million pieces. I have closure now. The story line was perfect as it was, but she was not done. Clare made me happy once again. In walks Alec and Magnus. I ship them so hard. It could not get any better.
Nothing stays great forever.
I don’t understand why she had to go kill off a ton of people. What is wrong with Magnus. Robert Light wood is a prick, but he did not have to die. What reason did she have for killing Livvy and possibly Ty. The ending did not have to go the way it did. Things with Julian and Emma even went from bad to worse. I felt like I was set up to be really happy, just to be faced with disappointment in the end. I didn’t like that one bit.
Despite my personal opinions about the ending I still think it’s an amazing book, and I will still be faithful to Cassandra Clare and the world she brings me into. Unless she kills off Clary. that might change things.

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